Welcome to the Fiduciary Studio


The Fiduciary Studio is a sister company to The Pension Studio (TPS). TPS is a large Third Party Administrator with offices in Florida and New England. As the DOL and IRS continue to take on stronger roles in overseeing pension plans a need was created for us to take on greater responsibility in protecting our clients.

Our clients wanted not only administrative services but also want protection from the liability associated with being a Fiduciary on a corporate pension plans. The new entity was created and we have been providing Fiduciary services (3(16) and Trustee) for several years now.


A group of experienced pension professionals with the goal of protecting our clients from Fiduciary breaches. Having been in the 3(16) arena for years now, we are ahead of our competitors in what we do and how we do it.


A comprehensive suite of Fiduciary services designed to assist Plan Sponsors to comply with DOL and IRS ever changing regulations.



We provide a level of Fiduciary Protection that few other firms offer. Whether you have a fully staffed HR department and are just seeking an annual review, or your firm is lean and you are in need of day to day assistance – we can help you fill the void.